2 comments on “Lazy Litterers

  1. Devolution is a hell of a concept. I recommend the movie IDIOCRACY for further “research”. Ha ha.

    I always thought that you guys wanted wads of chewing gum added to the walls, fences, & rails of every tide…

    • The music video, Evolution by KoRn, is a good relation as well as a good song.

      …You forgot about gum stuck to the garbage cans and rooftops of buildings and even in the ride its self. People get on the ride and decide they don’t want to choke on their gum, so they stick it to the buggy, cart, train, seat, ect. Again, the fear of swallowing it and responsibility of throwing it away seems to be an outrageous concept to people. I’ve even had gum stuck under tables at my retail job because the workers stuck at the front of the store would put it there for my hand to unsuspectingly find.

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