4 comments on “Gernerality of it All

  1. Sadly, stupid people will follow us wherever we go. It’s what they feed on and from some perverse pleasure they love annoying us with their infinite ignorance, guess we can at least try and ignore them and leave them to their own misery huh? thank you for your post! i am with you 200% on this one!

  2. While I get annoyed easily, and understand where you’re coming from… it’s important to remember that there are good people out there.

    I even wonder if it’s a case of people generally being good… which we don’t notice, and we focus on the bad. Just look at the news.

    Then again… people who go the wrong way down one way lanes in parking lots ought to be drawn & quartered.

    • Agreed for sure. that is the only way I do not fall into a nutshell and keep some sanity. There will later be a post about the good people, but in general I hate 80% of people, so this is mostly for the annoyances that come fourth from them all.

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