4 comments on “Cellular Menaces

  1. I feel as if the majority of our generation needs to constantly be connected to the rest of the world or be able to be contacted at all times. But it’s developed horrible social skills in our population. If I plan on seeing someone for a week or two in advance, and they on and off text the whole time, I really lose respect for them. You take time to interact with friends, and if you can’t commit 3 hours to the present group, then you seriously have a problem. And just a tip, any person considering a serious relationship will find if highly offensive if you are texting throughout the date, even with friends. It could have to do with insecurity as well. Some people hate silences or don’t know what to say, so they will look at their phone or text someone to fill that “gap”, but they usually are insecure and just as physical fillers like playing with hair (girls) and adjusting your collar (guys), it’s an anxiety thing. And it really comes off as rude or weak.

    • The best uses of a cellphone for me is to #1 check time #2 security incase of an emergency #3 break an awkward moment by pretending to use it #4 communitcation #5 pass time with cool apps

  2. I witnessed an argument at a Quiznos one time. The ignorant guy on his cell phone walked out with his girl & her head hanging in shame after the woman making subs pointed to the no cell phones sign while trying to get his order… as he’s holding up a line of 10+ people at lunch time. She pw3nd his ass. It was glorious.

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