1. Ha! Yes, the (other) game.
    As I recall, I’ve actually won that game won once or twice.
    I even saw a child taken outside! (Just once, sadly.)

    When an adult is acting inappropriately, they’re kicked out of the establishment. (Properly warned first, no doubt.)
    It should be the same for children.

    “But, they’re just a child!…”

    Although children can sometimes be spontaneous, their actions should still be accounted for.
    The guardian(s) of the child should take full responsibility for the wild behavior.

    Tell the kid to shut his mouth, sit down, stay still, and behave!
    If the unfit behavior continues, take ’em outside!
    Haven’t you noticed the other 20 or so people around you, highly annoyed?
    Show some courtesy!

    I’m in favor of establishments, such as restaurants, holding behavior restrictions for children.
    If it’s not Chuck E. Cheese’s, then justice shall be served.

    I rest my case.

    • Perfectly put. I must highlight the Chuck E. Cheese’s part and make sure it is clear to parents that taking your child to a place such as Dave and Busters in inappropriate when it is past 8pm on a Saturday night. That is adult time, and although I still shouldn’t, my language and actions DO NOT change around small children when they are in a place at a time that should be just for adults. Take your small child to Chuck E. cheeses. I cannot play there or crawl through the tubes, because THAT is for children, why is every place other than Bars or Strip Clubs for children without restrictions? Yuck

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