2 comments on “Movie Theaters

  1. $6.25? That’s one hell of a deal. Generally you only get that on Tuesday nights or during the day. Ha ha.

    Movie snack prices are ridiculous, but they get away with it because people pay. I’m not much of a sneaker. I have done it once or twice. I mean, when a Five Below is giving you a box of candy for a dollar and it’s right next to the movie theater… we all know what’s going on there.

    I tend to pick “epic” movies to see in the theater any more. A comedy isn’t going to be any more or less effective on my TV at home. On the flip-side… giant aliens, explosions, super heroes, & action sequences are going to look and sound better at the theater than on my tiny TV with a lack of surround sound at home. I want my 1st time watching something like Immortals to be in the theater, not in my living room.

    Then again, the latest Harold & Kumar might suck me in with the 3D angle.

    I used to enjoy the movies more… but there seems to be an increase of people talking during movies, and people ignoring the “don’t use your cell phone during the movie” PSA’s.

    I do enjoy sitting on the couch with the wife, some popcorn, and a blanket… and taking in a movie at home. If it’s a good movie, it’s easy to get lost in it right away, and there are no outside distractions. If you must talk about the film or add commentary, there’s no one that you’re going to bother. Streaming makes this even better, because you have a bajiollion choices at your disposal (although, never exactly the one I’m looking for).

    It’s also fun to have a group of people over to watch a film or a few films. We’ve some Star Wars and Batman movie nights that were a lot of fun. I hope to do more similar nights with Indiana Jones or Back to the Future.

    Another cool experience, check out the Hollywood Theater in Dormont! We saw Inglorious Basterds there, and it ROCKED. I want to hit it up this year when they play A Christmas Story.

    • The $6.25 was the matinee fee, that’s why it was so reasonable, and it was a weekday, in which the entire lobby was empty other than us at the time, and only 10 people in our theater.

      I definitely do get upset with people and their damn phones. Even with the phone on the lowest brightness setting, it’s still very noticeable and distracting in a dark theater. You’re THAT important that you can’t turn off your phone to enjoy a movie? I guess so; texting your bfffffffffffff that the girl in class needs the fashion police called on her can’t wait.

      I agree on the differences between theater and at-home movie experiences. I too only see a movie if I feel it will benefit in a theater. I chose Paranormal Activity 3 because it is a series of movies I love, and because I figured the amazing surround sound would make it really feel as if I was a part of the movie with all of the creeking and ghost sounds made. It was great hearing a sound to the left, back side of me. As for the people that chose to spend an extra $5 to see it in XD, I can’t figure that out. I see absolutely no benefit of that movie being in super 3D.

      Sounds fun for a group movie, but if I were to ever do that, all the damn kids my age wouldn’t shut their mouths for one second and turn everything into, “that’s what she said” kind of immature antics and set of mind.

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