2 comments on “What is Volunteering? How do I Get Involved?

  1. That was really inspirational to read. We need millions more like you with that strong giving heart. I think you picked up on some really central themes about volunteering vs. helping for pay. I do believe the reason why people go into the helping professions is usually because they enjoy helping others in the first place, however if you only ever help others to earn a paycheck it doesn’t hold anywhere near the same weight as someone on their own time who helps others. I think you also recognize that money can do some positive things. For instance it is not rare for someone to build an ophanage in a third world country, make large donations, or organize their own mission trips and physically travel to make change (which also costs a lot). But like you said, if someone were self-sufficient and able to live off savings, it can give them the time to volunteer all day. We all can really give in different ways, those without much time can spend 2 minutes to make a donation, and those without much money can spend time volunteering. And even in the busy world of working there is plenty of time to volunteer if you make it a priority. And I think in theory one isn’t better over the other, you are still giving hours you gave away to earn the money you donate, but you are also giving up hours you could be making money to donate your time. Either way I think no matter what, the happiest people are ultimatley those who give the most they can for no motive other than a love of others.

    • You write so well and I always enjoy your comments and thoughts. I appreciate you taking the time to do so, and they’re always so well thought out. I’m glad you saw all the points I was making and how you said that everyone has time to give. That’s why I posted how I see volunteering as good deed doing as well. There’s no one in this world that can honestly say they don’t have 5 seconds to do a quick good deed.
      I also really enjoy how you made a great point that working, and earning money, instead of working without money can also be used towards donations. Excellent!

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