4 comments on “Crazy Mindedness II

  1. I think you bring out some excellent insight on yourself and others. There is really a spectrum of people out there that really gain their happiness extrinsically vs. intrinsically. For instance people like you could have a very profound and satisfying night contemplating life, listening to music, reading, or just relaxing alone. People on the other end of the spectrum would find being alone on a friday night, too boring and unfulfilling. Their the types that like to be in groups and constantly need interaction. I guess it just depends how inwardly vs outwardly focused of a person you are. However, inwardly focused actually tend to make good leaders, because they are not afriad to go against the grain and be revolutionary. On the topic of roles, I think to some extent we do conform in many ways to roles or situations we have. For instance a role as at work is much different than a role as a daughter, friend, etc. I do believe you can maintain the same personality and who you are in any situation, but to some extent we all have to be adaptable in roles and conform somewhat in order to exist. You did touch upon existence in this blog, and I think that is such a universal conflict in all of us, because to some extent somewhere in our lives we all contemplate our meaning, our role on this earth, and what we want out of the short time we have. I’m loving your blogs…. =)

    • The mind is so complex as well as our existence, interactions, personalities, adaptation, etc. There is so much to think about that occupies to even try to comprehend something greater than just the world, like the universe and where it ends, if it does?…lol A lot of my points are exaggerated, but it’s to get my point across of what I am trying to discuss 🙂 I love how you understand everything I’m thinking and saying. It’s so cool to have that for once, and you aren’t bias either. Awesomeness

  2. I think we are all bias in some areas just from our own experiences, but I try my best not to be. I have a gift (as well as you) to leave experiences behind and crank out logical conclusions rather than getting our emotions to dictate what we believe. I love what you have to say because it’s so well thought out and a process of logic. Exaggeration is good, and I love you are open to be disagreed with because that’s a true philosopher’s mind.

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