5 comments on “Living In The PPF

  1. I wish more people could view it just as you did here. The problem with so many disorders these days is that there is so much stigma and stereotypes attached to what it means to be bipolar or psychotic. Most people really don’t know what those mean other than how media and people portray them. They really aren’t meant to be labels but rather guidelines on how to treat someone. There is never a textbook case of a disorder and thats simply because everyone is different. The point you made I think is awesome that they are just different, wired different, think different…. but not the hollywood hype serial killers. I wish more people could see it that way

  2. Heh. I used to think that 26+ nothing was left, but now at 8 almost 9 years past that point… I don’t feel much different than I did 10 years or so ago. Ha ha.

    I generally live life by the next upcoming “event”, and try to enjoy the current one. The events can be small like the band’s shows, picnics, get-togethers, or big like volunteering at our camp, or live events like weddings, new jobs, etc.

    • That’s the best way to live. Once big milestones come and go, it’s best to also find little things to be excited about a year, month, week, and day away, even if it’s something like looking forward to a day of sleeping in and just relaxing. I always try to do that myself.

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