3 comments on “Cold World

  1. Absolutley amazing, intriguing, worthy of having some confidence to share with people some things that many “strong” people refuse to share. But it takes a strong person to be comfortable enough with not only their strengths but flaws and pains as well…. you’re a well rouded and strong person. People are out there like you, but I dare say most people are not like you. You have a giving heart and a passion and that will really shine through you. I just think it’s so important you recognize how truly great you are, and sometimes crticism is good to hear because there are bits of truth in it at times, but overall you have the right idea and don’t let people beat down your confidence who really…. their opinion just isn’t relevant in any way to what you make of your life. Life satisfaction is how you make it, and I think you can have the most fulfilling, loving, happy, and satisfying life pursuing the goals you pursue. I just have to say though you have a tendency to please others around you and there’s nothing wrong with showing compassion and empathy, but also just make sure your own basic wants and needs are being met. After all it is your life, and it’s not greedy to want satisfaction out of life. We only get one life, so yes continue to have a giving heart, but also what you want is important too.

    • Oh wow positive feedback! I just may combust in 3…2…3…BOOM! -system overload-
      It is so very much appreciated. The fact alone that you read it, is empowering, and to comment, makes it all the better and shows interest. I write for myself, but it’s too cool when people actually read stuff like this, especially when I get deep. I look forward to your comments, because they are outstandingly well written and genuine. Thanks big time.

  2. Absolutley no problem, you will find that superficial pats on the back are really not my thing, but when I read something inspiring or profound I will truly call it out for the beauty it is. You have the gift blake… the gift of truth =)

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