2 comments on “Germs Unleashed!

  1. Oh yeah, I hate when I see people hacking and sneezing all over the place.

    I spent a lit of time being sick as a kid… with colds, sinus infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, all stemming from seasonal & environmental allergies.

    The doctor explained it to me like a cup… your immune system can handle a certain amount, then the cup overflows & you get sick. Anything can fill the cup… allergies, a virus, stress, etc.

    Why people wouldn’t want to cut out the spread of germs is beyond me.

    I do support hand washing, but hand-sanitizers have become trendy… I don’t think they do anything but move germs around. Ugh.

    I used to work at a place where a disgusting individual would come out of a restroom stall after an audible bowel movement complete with grunts like it was coming out sideways and walk straight out the door w/o even looking at the sink.

    W. T. F?

    • first off, definitely let out many giggles at the last sentence with the way you said it. Secondly, I too don’t understand why people don’t want to lessen the spread of germs either other than the one answer that is usually the answer for everything these days–laziness. It’s insanity.

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