3 comments on “No Hablo Espanol, Damnit it!

  1. This is such a valid concern, and not racist at all. As a Hispanic I feel this at the other end of the spectrum as an American Hispanic who knows no other language than English. I am expected to know spanish. So many times both white AND hispanic people have come up to me and spoken spanish as if it were some expected language… but it should not be expected. In every field they tell you, learn spanish, it will open more doors and higher pay for you. The problem is that there is no official language in the U.S. and therefore it is subject to change and adapting to other languages. Little do people realize at one point in time German was going to be our official language. I say, just make it English….. put some concrete guidelines in place. I agree though… too many resources and jobs are going to people that should not benefit from it. Absolutley wasteful and when so many of these non-citizens are working tax free, so many of us are scrambling to find legit jobs. It’s a flawed system. It comes down to “political correctness” and not wanting to offend people. As a society we do it constantly but pay for it in the end. We cater to the disadvantaged at the cost of our own resources. We need to focus on our economy and our people…. not people who live here illegally. It’s illegal…. simple as that.

    • Two separate/similar issues combined. It’s just that it’s America and we speak American. Why let our country change language just because it’s becoming more prevalent? I still think they’re the stubborn assholes that don’t want to learn ours. We shouldn’t adapt to them because of that. Fucked up in my book.

  2. No I totally agree, but since there is no legal offical language we could very well end up like parts of Canada where street signs and the 1st language varies from city to city. There are already law makers out west and southwest pushing to make street signs dual spanish/english. The way things are going spanish will probably take over certain areas of the country.

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