One comment on “Stuck

  1. I think we all feel stuck at times. You bring up an excellent point that we don’t get to choose certain things from day one, but going even further, we don’t even get to choose this existence at all. We don’ t get to choose to be born. We always strive for meaning in a world we never chose to live in. Support is so key in developing to your fullest potential and when you are doubted it makes it that much harder to ever overcome that doubt. However, I think confidence comes from within. I think it takes a person with true Intrapersonal Intelligence to disregrard their surroundings and be able to pull out their own strengths and flaws and build upon that. I don’t think a bad enviornment screws anyone into failure, but rather people buying into how others percieve them. Environment becomes an excuse at times. A truly strong person who is real with themselves can rise above their circumstances and make something of their lives despite what others think.

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