11 comments on “Hidden Truth

  1. And if this “Father” reads your post maybe he should realize that it’s the fathers responsibility to do everything in his power to make things right. Stalking and leaving comments on a blog basiclly trying to insult you isnt the way to do it. I guess he just needs to learn how to grow up and be a man.

  2. I always enjoy reading your articles; you bring some very unnoticed points to discuss. I am the kind of person that is always trying to use higher order thinking; thinking about what the other person’s perspective and feelings are. I think that you truly are a talented, caring, and deserving person.

  3. I’m so sorry that you’ve had such a detrimental past :/ And just reading your post solicited so many emotions from me. I really hope he leaves you, and your family, alone so that you can all move on. He’s done enough damage, right? And for God’s sake, you’d think he’d get a hint. He’s pathetic. Just remember that I’m here for you. You can’t keep living in fear, life is to precious for that. I hope you can find a way to completely erase him from your life, although it seems to be impossible since he won’t leave you the hell alone. But you’re a strong woman. Just keep on smiling 🙂


    • Kind of speechless right now. Means a lot to me. Thank-you. I’m glad thickheadedness isn’t a trait passed on to me from him along with all of the other hideous ones that craft a bad person.
      …Smiling is what I do best :)!

  4. Ugh. I have nothing to compare to this, experience-wise… I can’t imagine the kind of b.s. involved here. At least you can see that you have support out there, with all these comments & what-not.

    Heavy online pursuit is not cool, and neither is harassing you at work. Hopefully it stops now that it’s escalated to physical removal.

    I would like to LOL at…

    …he avoids drinking from the fountain of resentment as he know this is a glass of poison.


    …not to forgive is to be imprisoned by the past, by old grievances that do not permit life to proceed with new experiences.

    Hopefully you can too.

    • It will never stop sadly, and the online harassment proves it.
      There’s good in everything and the messages I received in my post definitely are it! (Good as in extremely humorous xD)
      Appreciate the support as always, thanks!

  5. “I am intelligent enough to know not to spend too much time caring about people that don’t care about me and make my life a living hell day-to-day.” – While I think that is true for most situations, it is hard to completely not care about maybe not necessarily him specifically,but rather the lack of that role in your life and the struggles that go with it. I think there can be a lot of pain that goes along with a situation like that, and while I think keeping a far distance like you plan to can be for the best, you shouldn’t overlook any emotions that might exist from it all, because reading that I felt hurt myself. Luckily from the people who commented, you have some great people to support and care about you Blake. I really don’t have any suggestions on how to resolve something so complicated or make it stop, but I can say a lot of people genuinely care about your well being and are here for you.

  6. Blame the immature replies on me; I take full credit for “TITS” and “BOOBIES”. Ha!

    When I read their comments, I always wonder what is honestly going through their heads.
    Ignorance is obviously contagious amongst them.
    (And delusions, apparently.)
    Why would you want to keep a relationship with him, if there was never a good one to begin with?

    Gorilla and Wendy the Whore Whale need to just go back to looking for sea grass.
    My advice for them: Stay off the internet.

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