3 comments on “Awkward Dating

  1. You make a lot of excellent points, and I especially have had a peeve about movies on first dates just because it’s true, it leaves no room to talk which is vital to a first date. I think it also depends on the personality type for what setting works. Some people tend to shut up more in groups but other’s personality shines even more in groups, so I guess it depends on the person, but sometimes just one on one at a coffee shop or taking a walk can be an excellent first date. Too much silence and awkwardness really breaks a first date as well, because you are right, it’s a good idicator of common interests. This is just my observation but I also think some people have developed really poor etiquette on dates in the age of technology we live in. People have a harder time looking people in the eye and being open in person, when being open usually involves typing from a distance. Also texting during a date seems to happen and I think the more you pull out your phone during a date, the more of a distancing signal the other person gets. I also think people put too much emphasis on a first date which creates nervousness and in turn makes it awkward. If you go in with the mentality of just being yourself, they’ll like you for who you are, and if they don’t there are others who will…. then I think dates can go a lot more smoothe and it’s also easier to be relaxed and open. I do like your amusement park idea, I think the adreneline and excitment can actually enhance a date experience and even the chemical (dopamine) flow can enhance a connection you feel =)

    • Oh yes, it definitely depends on the type of people involved on where to go and what to do. I stated the group idea and someplace fun because it automatically evokes conversation without it being awkward.
      Dating and just socialization overall is pathetic these days, I can agree on your statements. People use their cellphones for a couple reasons. One being because people these days are simply glued to their phones, and two because people always pull out their phones to break awkward situations. People even pretend to texting or doing something on their phone. I always always always make eye contact, and was taught that at a young age. I think it’s important to show someone you’re listening and care.
      As for dates being such a big deal, I agree, it pressurizes it and leads to a tendency of ruining it. I don’t like “dates” I like just ‘hanging out’. If you put a label on it as a date, it changes everything.

  2. hmmm, very good point. Labels do have stigmas attached to them Hanging out might make more sesne. Once again, good food for thought Blake =)

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