4 comments on “Let It Burn

  1. I don’t understand why someone would refuse to support their local fire department. Those people — most likely VOLUNTEERS in a lot of cases — risk their own lives to help people, doing their best to save their homes and possibly even their lives. Talk about being ungrateful. I have no problem with the pay-for-spray policy.

    • Oh goodie! Another supporter! People don’t realize the struggles volunteer fire departments face. Yes, we all deal with the poor economy, but imagine how much it’s killing non-profit companies. No volunteer expects to be paid for their services, but being paid a small annual fee to buy equipment is crucial in order to serve communities in their time of need. Don’t want to pay? Fine, the equipment that others helped to fund won’t be used on your home, seeing it must not be that important to you in the first place to not pay the fee.

  2. I just saw this article the other day too.

    Just because something is engulfed in flames, does NOT mean your local VOLUNTEER Firefighters SHOULD save the day. There wasn’t much to do for the mobile home by the time they arrived anyway.

    She should have just coughed up the money.
    How can she be so hostile when she knew of the consequences of not paying the fee?
    No money = no volunteer service… Get it?

    $75 might sting when it’s leaving your wallet, but the locals must remind themselves where the money’s going.
    It’s a measly $6.25 a month to a worthy cause!
    I pay just about that much for Xbox Live Gold membership!
    I’m sure many Tennessee folk smoke…
    How ’bout you buy just one less pack of cigarettes a month to be able to afford the fee!

    I’m thinking many people have a fantasy where firefighting is just about aiming a hose at a fire, where the fire will instantly vanish.
    Do they not understand what goes into firefighting?
    Do they not understand that these men and women risk their lives for just others’ material goods?

    It’s one thing to show some anger and frustrations, which is expected, during an emotional ordeal (losing your home), but why involve the media in your irresponsible act?
    She should be embarrassed and ashamed of herself.

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