4 comments on “What Did You Just Say!?

  1. I think using uncommon words can be funny at times. I use “scrumptious” as a joke when someone asks me how I like the food I’m eating. Slang is a really hard habit to shake. I tend to not use slang, but being in the generation I am, saying “like” inappropriately is something I never payed attention to much until senior year of college. Now going out into the professional world, “like” simply will not do, and it’s something I need to conciously make an effort to shake off. Sir and ma’am are excellent to show respect. In retail and bill collection, I used to use them to address people who were getting worked up over something and the simple gesture of addressing them with respect would sometimes help descalate things. It is pretty bad though that people are starting to say “laugh out loud”.

    • using ‘like’ is definitely a hard one. I never use it myself, but I use ‘alright’ in most of my sentences.
      The WORST is people using ‘literally’. I have already made a past blog post about that and poor grammar.
      Sir and ma’am is definitely about respect, especially towards people older than yourself, and I agree that it can help simmer people down a bit when they are addressed as such.

    • You and your love for ‘yinzers’ lol. I use ‘tits’ more than anything. It’s definitely something that makes people wonder whether they ask of it or not hahaha! I basically use it when saying ‘shit’ would be appropriate. Instead of, ‘shit! I forgot to do that!’ Its, ‘Aw tits, I forgot’ =b

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