One comment on “If I Were Wealthy…

  1. You might be suprised at how many wealthy people share these views. Many people from lower classes have this stereotype of the rich as being power hungry and greedy, yet non-profit organizations are filled with wealthy people who are there for no personal gain and are there for the sole purpose to give their time and money. It’s overwhelming to see the number of doctors, lawyers, business owners, etc. who show up just to give back. There def. are the type that gain wealth for personal gain, but atleast from living in wealthy neighborhoods and having wealthy family friends, I think many would be suprised at the amount of wealth people that give their time and money away for no personal gain. You caught a good point though, that it seems the people who can’t afford luxuries the most, seem to consume them on a regular basis. I’ve encountered unemployed people who have nicer phone plans and cable plans then I’ve ever had in my life who are my age or younger. I think when you pursue wealth for power or status, is where you go wrong. But you have the right idea about the freedoms that come with it, and the ability to give more. However, there really is a large group of people out there who are wealthy with that intent. The media just seems to thrive on the corrupt ones.

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