4 comments on “Blunders, Faults, & Fails of Fast Food.

  1. Ha ha, thanks for the shout-out! Chick-fil-A is superb, but I do have my own issues with Subway. Ha ha.

    We were in the “new” Wendy’s on West Liberty not too long ago, and a woman stormed in, threw her bag of food at the people behind the counter and yelled something to the effect of “I done knew you made this too fast, cause you is always slow and you F’ed this one all up!”

    I had to contain my laughter.

    • Oh man I wouldn’t be able to contain it! That’s great! I just vividly saw that play in my mind thanks to an awesome imagination! BAHAHA.
      …We have the BEST subway ever in Crafton. The one in West Mifflin shopping center is an exceptional one as well. I’ve gone to many Subways and those are definitely the best in my book. Great people, food always prepared exceptionally well, & CLEAN and GHETTO-FREE. Subway is too pricey and sophisticated for them lol

      • I beg to differ on the clean angle. They slop that “seafood” muck all over the adjacent meats, cheeses, and toppings like nobody’s business. Ha ha.

        Then again, for the ones that don’t serve that, I can deal with them.

      • The Subways I’ve been too are exceptionally clean dining area wise and food prep. Ive seen that seafood garbage two summers back. Looked foul. They kept it neat in a covered bin at least. I read your article a while ago about it not being the case for you. Too bad you don’t have a Subway that’s run like ours.

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