5 comments on “Poptorious Victory and Love

  1. Love it! Writing to companies can be quite eye opening. They sound like they really appreciate your pop-tart love. An old-fashioned stamped snail mail letter is the way to go! (Too bad it doesn’t work when sending mazes to Pizza Hut!)

    I can’t believe all that swag! That’s incredible. You’ve made me hungry for Pop Tarts now. I’m not a fan of the fruit ones, but I absolutely love the S’mores ones.

    • Agreed. Good ol’ paper letters are the way to go. He must get flooded with 12340981345748902 emails, but nowadays, only a few letters from consumers.

      S’mores Pop-Tarts seeems to be consumers favorites. they’re good all three ways – reg, heated, and frozen 🙂 I’ll have to get me a box, it’s been too long.

  2. My love for Kellog’s grew even more when we received that letter with the goodies included.
    I wasn’t expecting something like that.

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