One comment on “With Age Comes Wisdom (and less fun)

  1. Blake, it is wonderful to see you embracing a new and exciting outlook! I think being wise is not just knowing certain things, but also realizing that you don’t know everything and need to consult with others at times to formulate the best decisions based on outside perspectives. I don’t think we ever will know ourselves 100% or have it ALL figured out, but I think that’s what makes life an exciting ride! If you embrace uncertainty, you can have a lot of fun with it. I like that you have distinguished things in your life that have remained constant as well as those that have changed. I believe it’s healthy to have a handful of universal truths that can never be broken. However, I agree that if you have too many absolutes, it leaves no room for personal growth or change. I think the real question people should ask is not is this right or wrong for everyone? But rather is this right or wrong for me right now at this moment, based on my experiences, knowledge, etc. And if you judge things in the current moment, nothing is ever right or wrong, but rather circumstancial. Life is too grey to judge good or bad all the time. So I think you have a really wise outlook here. I am also very happy to see you trying new things and accepting that they may or may not work out. I am truly glad to be your friend and watch you grow.

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