2 comments on “A Weakened Human Race

  1. Valid points! I totally agree that we as a society complain so much, and take for granted the advantages we have as a whole. I know many people who have come here from third world countries and never complain. It’s simply because the standard of living for the poorest Americans is still a luxurious style of living compared to many regions of the world. We also are in general an entitled society. One that feels that we “deserve” this and that. Things that we benefit from are rarely seen as a privilege or service, and more as an expectation. I also have read about a study conducted where Americans overall have the highest confidence in their education, and yet we have some of the poorest quality of education overall.

    Another factor to consider is the fact that if some child were to stand out in the cold; and something happened that could happen any other day (slipping on the ice for instance) – some family would probably sue the district. I think we live in society that is becoming fearful of the law and regulations. In turn we trade in the quality of many things to avoid the ridiculous consequences of certain laws and in this case possibly a civil law suit. Keep on blogging!

    • Wow it’s as if my mind is in your head! Glad you understand and see the issue the way I do. Everything was stated exceptionally well. Bravo! And thank you!!!

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